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A Must Have

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Today's Thought:To GOD be the glory honor, power, and praise--they all belong to Him. Father, we thank You for the precious gift called life this morning. It's a new day that wasn't promised so let us live every minute like it's the last. Let us search deep within and surrender our hearts, minds, and souls to the LORD our GOD. Let us take a minute of our time and get to know our Savior JESUS by taking the bible and reading the word daily. Let us forgive each other today and not tomorrow.

Let us show our acts of kindness to all the people we may come in contact with today because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Let us show the action that is love. Let us seek GOD more and more today because heaven is real and so is hell! Think about where you will spend ETERNITY if death knocks at your door?

Death will take all of us to sleep, but only the dead in CHRIST shall rest in His arms so sweet. Today we are here, and the next moment we are gone. So live, love, laugh, and let's the people around us know that we appreciate them. Let us cherish what we see and what we have today. Make today a day when you call or text the people that you care for and love. Let them know what you think or how you may feel before it too late because tomorrow may never come. Always remember that JESUS is a must have in our lives.

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