• Keeda

Come Alive!

Today's Thought:There is a voice from heaven crying out today, mercy will run out. People come, come to JESUS while you still have time. Life is full of fun and joy and lots of entertainment but who's going to have a your back on judgment day? My friends it's a plea today, it's repentance time. I know we've been hearing this over and over that JESUS will return as reigning King in all His power, might and glory. This time not as a savior, but as a judge. He will judge every man according to their deeds and actions. It really doesn't matter who you are; whether white, black, rich or poor, JESUS is coming back for sure. Look around at the signs and times. It is clear before us that bible prophecy is being fulfilled before us everyday. My question today is that if tomorrow is judgment day what is your status?

Meaning, is your heart right with GOD? Did you accept CHRIST as your LORD and Savior? Did you repent of your sinful ways? Did you get baptized in water for the remission of your sins? Did you receive the gift of the holy ghost? Did you forgive those that hurt and harmed you? Are you living for JESUS? I declare today that I am in my right mind and I must see JESUS.

My friends, life without JESUS is wasted. Remember there's no repentance from the grave, come to JESUS while you are alive!

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