Prayer For All Leaders around the world:

A Prayer For World Leaders:

Almighty GOD in Heaven, I come before Your presence seeking Your face on behalf of our leaders. LORD, I petition heaven for all world leaders, and I put them before You this morning. Father, I pray that You may visit every leader in every country.

I pray that You may convict and saturate the hearts of every world leader. I pray that You may remove evil doings and wicked thoughts. I pray that they may bow before You and surrender and repent of their wicked ways. LORD, I pray that You may speak to their hearts and lighten their paths.

LORD JESUS, I pray that whatever decisions they're about to make or whatever they're about to do that they will consult You; the head of all government in their lives. Mighty GOD as leaders rise evil rises with them and they forget about who is and always will be in control.

Father, into Your hands I commit all world leaders. I pray that You may put Your edge of protection, healing, and deliverance. I pray that You may open the walls of their hearts so they may do Your will and not their own. LORD, I pray that where there is hatred, grudge, envy, and maliciousness, that You may remove and replace it with love. I pray that where there is war, You may replace it with your perfect peace. I pray that where there are evil forces, demonic spirits, and darkness, that You may remove then and place light in their the way.

LORD, I pray that they will all come to seek forgiveness and repent of their sins. I pray that You will be the ruler of their lives. I pray that they come humbly before time changes to eternity. LORD, I pray You may release the spirit of love on earth right now. The world needs love. Bless and purify our hearts Father. I say thanks in JESUS mighty name. Amen and Amen.🙏#JESUSistheway




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