• Keeda

Take Control

Today's Prayer:

Heavenly Father, in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD and Savior, I petition Heaven on the behalf of our children. Father, today is the day we are going to shut satan's kingdom down. Satan, we pray against all your demonic forces, and your diabolical forces, in and around our children lives! Satan, your work and plans shall not and cannot prevail!

People of GOD call your child/children's names before GOD and make a declaration! Today I declare that mine; Malik and Samantha, belong to GOD Almighty--not the devil! My children shall live and not die, my children must see JESUS! My children must be a servants of GOD. Tell the devil he has no place in our children, or children's children lives'. Tell the devil that his time is expired with our children. They shall be the head and not the tail, my children shall be above and not beneath, my children shall see the glory and the reward of JESUS. Tell the devil he has no locks or keys to our childrens' homes or their lives. He cannot destroy what GOD has appointed and anointed for such a time like this. Satan, I bind and curse you in the name of JESUS CHRIST! I bind every plan and plot of sickness, suicidal thoughts, plagues, addiction, oppression, and depression.

I cancel all your assignments and break down every element of evil forces around our children! Father, into Your precious, mighty, and powerful hands, I place my children. Not only mine, but every child of this world. LORD JESUS, send Your angels to encamp around them in the schools. I pray that You may keep our children as the apple of Your eyes JESUS. Parents be radical; decree and declare this over your children. I will not bury none, and I will not visit the mental institution or a prison. This is my declaration! Satan we're gonna shake your kingdom down! Father, I ask these things in the mighty, matchless, and powerful name of JESUS CHRIST. Holy Spirit take control now I pray, Amen.

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