Today's Thought:

I am here to remind someone this morning just in case we may have forget who GOD is. GOD is the wind beneath our wings, He is the rock of all ages, He is the GOD that sits up high on His throne and rest His feet upon the earth. He is the way-maker and the promise keeper. He is the light in the darkest moments of our lives. He is the GOD that never leaves nor forsakens us. He is the GOD of our beginning and our ending. He is the GOD that will fight for us! He the same GOD that all battles belong to, all vengeance and wrath in His hands. He is the same GOD that speaks, "be still and know that I am the LORD our GOD".

He is the same I Am what I Am, He the same GOD that is our provider, healer, our comforter, protector, and deliverer. He is the GOD of the sun, the moon, and the stars. He is still our Father. He is GOD all by Himself, He is GOD strong and mighty. And He cares and understands all things. Will you seek Him today? Have a blessed day in JESUS.🙏🏽

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