We wrestle not against each other.

Today's Prayer:

Mighty GOD in heaven, how great You are to

mankind. LORD, I come before the Throne of Grace this morning seeking Your grace and mercy that are fresh everyday. Great is Your faithfulness toward us. Mighty GOD, I bind up every spirit of hate, grudge, envy, and malicious behaviors over the nations.

LORD, I bind up every spirit of principalities, rulers and evil in high places. LORD, I bind up every spirit of racism, colorism, classism, and terrorism. Father, in the name of JESUS I bind every tongue that will rise up against us, every diabolical force, demonic spell, every work of witchcraft, warlocks, and iniquity workers. I call them out and I command them back to pits hell!

LORD, I speak life in Your presence today. I declare that You said we are the head and not the tail--we are above and not beneath. GOD in Your words You said no weapon that formed against us shall prosper. LORD, I thank You for everything great and small. In JESUS' mighty I pray Amen and Amen.🙏🏽🤝🏾❤





















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