• Keeda

What is Life?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Today's Thought:

What is life? Life is a precious gift from GOD. Our lives are not ours, they truly belong to the One who gave it to us. Life is too short; one moment we are here and in the blink of the eyes we are gone! Remember that death is appointed to all man, death is a sure thing. For the life we live on earth we must have JESUS present. JESUS is our password through Heaven's gate. A life without JESUS is surely a wasted life.

People of GOD, rise up with a positive and wise attitude this morning, and give GOD the best praise because we are alive, and we are counted among the living. We are not at the morgue waiting to be identified, glory be to GOD! JESUS, in Your mighty name we cancel all untimely death, all unseen accidents, every plan of the enemy right now. JESUS, we thank You that last night wasn't our last night in JESUS' name. Amen.

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